Gringo Salsa


Famous Jim’s Gringo Salsa is made by a real American, with only the freshest ingredients, using a recipe passed down from generations of clowns, to finally arrive here in Poland to spank your taste buds.

Suggested Uses: Eat straight out of the jar with corn tortilla chips. Try some salsa on your scrambled eggs for a MexiMerican flavorful start to your day. Spice up your pork cutlet with some salsa. Try some on some potatoes. Try it on EVERYTHING! YOU HAVE TOTAL FREEDOM!

Tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, bell pepper, love, jalapeno, habanero (only in hot variety) radish, green onion, salt, pepper, freedom.


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Mild ("I'm a delicate flower"), Medium ("Remember my safe-word"), Hot AF ("Spank my tastebuds!")